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Chemical Pollution and One Health - from Reactivity to Proactivity

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Harmful chemicals are everywhere - in our daily lives and in the habitats that all living organisms depend on

Exposure to chemical pollution is linked to a wide range of health impacts, including chronic diseases, neurological disorders and reduced fertility. Pollution is one of the most common causes of premature deaths[1] and an enormous burden on healthcare systems caused by chemical exposure-induced chronic diseases. For endocrine-disrupting chemicals alone, linked health effects are estimated to be about 157 billion Euros annually in Europe and 340 billion annually in the US. These estimates were based on the few chemicals for which there was sufficient data. Consequently these economic estimates are likely to be largely undervalued.

Uppsala Health Summit 2023 gathered scientists, policy-makers, and practitioners in the same room to discuss the critical next steps and how to speed up efforts.

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