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Plenary session at Uppsala Health Summit, Uppsala castle

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Supporting Uppsala Health Summit provides an opportunity to take an active part in cross-disciplinary and multi-sector discussions around global health and health care solutions.

By becoming our sponsor, you extend your outreach and create engagement opportunities with other like-minded organisations. You will be invited to take part in the Summit, but also become part of a network dedicated to promote health globally.

Meet Mr. Deepak Khanna, MSD

In 2018, MSD was one of our sponsors. Meet Mr. Deepak Khanna, senior Vice President and Regional President, EMEAC Oncology this interview»

"I really got to hear from many different stakeholders, from regulatory authorities, from patients, from healthcare providers, and from the industry, and having that multistakeholder perspective can only help you in improving what you do and ultimately in bringing early access to patients of these innovations”, says Mr. Khanna.


Antibiotic resistance could be a major threat to public health in the future. AstraZeneca as a company is committed to the research of new antibiotics and that our drugs are used in the right way for the right patients. When we introduce a new antibiotic on the market one of the key aspects is to do it in a responsible way to prevent resistance, which results in restricted use of it in clinical practice. In the light of that, a new business model needs to be introduced which stimulates pharma companies to invest in antibiotic development despite limited use when introduced on the market.

To avoid a scenario where ordinary infections will be life-threatening, it’s very important that all stakeholders co-ordinate their strategy to remain the effectiveness of today’s and tomorrow’s antibiotics. We sponsor Uppsala Health Summit because we believe it’s an important initiative to gather around.

Björn Janzén, AstraZeneca


Meda has chosen to sponsor Uppsala Health Summit since complicated issues involving many actors can be highlighted and solved more easily in result-orientated meetings. An important part will be to produce an action plan on how to administer and develop older antibiotics. Doing so would bridge the gap until new antibiotics are made available to the market.

The problems and challenges in countering antibiotic resistance are universal. All involved parties, from industry and academia to healthcare and authorities, urgently need to strengthen their collaboration – both within Sweden and globally.

Holger von Fircks, Meda


Uppsala Health Summit was a very positive experience for us. Engaging in Uppsala Health Summit gave us the opportunity to interact with key experts and stakeholders from academia, authorities and politics.

The broad range of attendees made discussions both insightful and inspiring. Topics chosen were very relevant to Takeda and led to new ideas on how to better partner with our customers and key stakeholders.

The exposure of our company was also valuable since this is a field that we are truly committed to and the themes covered were very much in line with Takeda’s focus and values. We believe this will be an important meeting place in years to come.

Linn Mandahl-Skepp, Country Manager, Takeda

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