UHS logga 16:9


  • Rob Watt, moderator at UHS 2023
    Summing up the Summit 2023: Chemical Pollution and One Health
    At the Uppsala Health Summit 2023, we learned that the triple crisis is a reality, we have enough knowledge to make a change, it is time to act now, and we need a strategy to reduce chemical pollution. The moderator for this year’s summit, Robert Wat...
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  • Joëlle Rüegg, Uppsala University
    Uppsala Health Summit 2023: "To act now requires leadership"
    The closing dialogue at Uppsala Health Summit 2023: Chemical Pollution and One Health highlighted key messages on a critical shift from reactivity to proactivity. Dr. Laura N. Vandenberg, Dr. Isaac Olufadewa, Ambassador Luis Vayas, John Tumpane, and ...
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  • Bengt Mattson, Lif
    Lif’s work towards sustainable health – an interview with Bengt Mattson
    The pharmaceutical company Läkemedelsindustriföreningen (Lif) is one of Uppsala Health Summit’s sponsors in 2023. Lif is the Swedish Association of the Research-Based Pharmaceutical Industry with about 90 members and associate partners. In this inter...
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  • Karin Wiberg, Professor, Department of Aquatic Sciences and Assessment, Section for Organic Environmental Chemistry and Ecotoxicology, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU)
    How to assess risk of harmful chemicals in our water? An interview with Professor Karin Wiberg
    Access to water is essential for all life. For good health and a healthy environment, clean water is fundamental, but unfortunately we find unwanted chemical substances in rivers, lakes, and even tap water. Professor Karin Wiberg has spent many years...
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  • Carlos Guerrero Bosagna, Senior Lecturer/Associate Professor, Department of Organismal Biology, Physiology and Environmental Toxicology, Uppsala University
    Why are metabolic diseases increasing? An interview with Dr Carlos Guerrero Bosagna
    Why are metabolic diseases increasing? One factor is the endocrine-disrupting chemicals called Obesogens, which are silently infiltrating our lives through bioaccumulation in our foods and omnipresence in our packaging. We interview Dr. Carlos Guerre...
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  • John Tumpane, Formas
    Formas is providing funding to shape a future that is free from toxicity and pollution
    Investments in the impact of climate change on pollution are needed to achieve a chemical-safe future, and we need new research with a one-health approach and strengthen our science-to-policy mechanisms to fight chemical pollution, according to John ...
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  • Åke Bergman, Senior Professor, School of Science and Technology, Senior Advisor in the Management Team of the Platform for Sustainable Future, Örebro University
    From Reactivity to Proactivity through a Global Science-Policy Panel for Chemicals and Toxic Waste
    At our upcoming summit on Chemical Pollution and One Health, we will gather the expertise, insights and visions of all participants to discuss how we can more proactively address the issue of harmful chemicals and waste. In this interview, Senior Pro...
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  • Gunnar Andersson, Senior Scientist, Department of Chemistry, Environment and Feed Hygiene, National Veterinary Institute, SVA
    Navigating Hazards in the Feed and Food Chain
    In one of the workshops at the Chemical Pollution and One Health Summit we will explore how to better assess the risks within the feed/food chain. The participants will discuss ways to make risk analysis more effective and how to improve the way we c...
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  • Dr. R. Thomas Zoeller
    How to test our way to a safe environment
    We are proud to have Dr. R. Thomas Zoeller, Emeritus Professor of Biology at the University of Massachusetts Amherst as part of our programme committee this year! Dr. Zoeller is also co-organizer of a workshop at our summit, together with Dr. Ida Hal...
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  • Ways to Make Medicines Greener
    The issue of pharmaceuticals in the environment is gaining more attention around the world. What actions are necessary to tackling these challenges? Where does the accountability lie? These questions are the theme of the workshop Conflicting Objectiv...
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  • Joelle Ruegg
    Meet Joëlle Rüegg – Professor in environmental toxicology at Uppsala University
    We are excited to present our programme committee chair for this year’s summit, Professor Joëlle Rüegg. In this interview, Joëlle introduces us to her work and shares her perspective on the challenges around chemical pollution and its health outcomes...
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  • Fredrik Fernqvist, PhD, Senior Lecturer, Department of people and Society/SLU Future Food, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU)
    “Food should be a central part of local and regional planning” - Interview with Fredrik Fernqvist
    In this interview, the workshop leader of Food Planning for Sustainable Consumption Fredrik Fernqvist tells us about his and his workshop colleagues’ common interest in the role of food in our landscape, and inspiring reflections on the role of food ...
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  • Johan Schnürer, Örebro University
    Introducing our new partner, Örebro University!
    Uppsala Health Summit is a collaborative effort, initiated by a partnership of actors who believe in the power of open dialogues to address some of today’s global health challenges. We are excited to share that Örebro University has become our new pa...
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  • Alicja Wolk, Professor, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm
    The Diet-Environment-Health Nexus - Interview with Alicja Wolk
    In this interview, Uppsala Health Summit meets Alicja Wolk who is a professor of Nutritional Epidemiology at Karolinska Institutet. First, Alicja tells us about her extensive research background focused on diet and other modifiable lifestyle factors ...
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  • Assem Abu Hatab, PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Economics, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU)
    Interview with Assem Abu Hatab – the role of smallholder farming systems to end hunger and achieve the SDGs
    In this interview, we meet Assem Abu Hatab, associate professor at the Department of Economics of SLU and senior development economist at the Nordic Africa Institute (NAI). Assem coordinates the workshop Zero Hunger: Is Smallholder Farming the Soluti...
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  • Marmar Nekoro, MSc, Assessor, Swedish Knowledge Centre on Pharmaceuticals in the Environment, Swedish Medical Products Agency
    Reducing AMR for sustainable food systems - Interview with Marmar Nekoro
    At the upcoming Uppsala Health Summit on food systems, Marmar leads the workshop Reducing Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) for Healthy and Sustainable Food Systems. This interview with Marmar tells us about her reflection on the public health issues su...
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  • Ylva Persson, PhD, Associate State Veterinarian and Associate Professor, Departement of Animal Health and Antimicrobial Strategies, National Veterinary Institute (SVA). Photo: Göran Ekeberg
    The importance of sustainable livestock production for human health – Interview with Ylva Persson
    We have interviewed Ylva Persson, the assistant state veterinarian in ruminant diseases at the National Veterinary Institute (SVA) and associate professor at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) In this interview, Ylva shares her ref...
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  • Johanna Lindahl, SLU
    Food Safety versus Food Security - Interview with Johanna Lindahl
    Johanna Lindahl, scientist at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), leads the workshop Food Safety versus Food Security , part of the Uppsala Health Summit 2022. In this interview, we learn about Johanna’s ‘aha’ moment in research and...
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  • Karin Artursson, PhD, Scientific Director and Adjunct Professor, National Veterinary Institute (SVA)
    Meet Karin Artursson - Scientific Director at the National Veterinary Institute (SVA)
    In this interview, our programme committee chair for this year’s summit, Professor Karin Artursson, introduces us to her work and research and shares her perspective on the critical need for equitable and sustainable food systems.
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  • Johanna Lindahl, SLU
    Meet the new advisory board chair
    Professor Stefan Swartling Peterson is our recently elected chairman of the Uppsala Health Summit’s Advisory Board. In this interview, Professor Swartling introduces us to his work and shares his reflections about global food systems and their impact...
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  • Karin Brocki, Professor of Psychology, Uppsala University
    Meet Professor Karin Brocki
    In this interview, the chair of our programme committee for the next summit; Professor Karin Brocki introduces us to her research, shares an Aha! moment from her studies and gives her perspectives on the rise in mental health issues.
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  • Meet Chair of Programme Committee for Uppsala Health Summit 2021
    Ulf Magnusson is a licensed Swedish Veterinarian, Diplomate of the European College of Animal Reproduction and is holding a position as professor of Animal Reproduction at the Department of Clinical Sciences at the Swedish University of Agricultural ...
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  • Resistant bacteria and children's farm visits
    What to bear in mind when developing guidelines and communication activities for children’s farm visits and other situations when children interact with animals? This is what the workshop Children and the Wild: Potential Benefits and Perils in Human-...
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  • How antibiotic shortages contribute to resistance and how to turn the tide
    When thinking about the behaviours that must change to preserve our antibiotics, we may primarily think about our actions as patients, health-care workers, patients, farmers and consumers. But the “behaviours” – or rather norms and praxis – of the ac...
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  • Students at a rural high school. Photo by World Bank  Photo Collection
    Supporting educators to teach antimicrobial resistance
    Tackling the growing problem of antimicrobial resistance will depend on the interests and competence of future generations, and schools play an important role. But it is a complex issue that many teachers find difficult to teach.In this interview, Se...
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  • Uppsala and AMR: Advanced Research, Action and Awareness!
    In Uppsala there are two leading academic institutions with internationally competitive research: Uppsala University and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. The activities of the two universities, along with our other Uppsala-based, not-...
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  • Professor Otto Cars, Founder of ReAct and member of the UN Interagency Coordination Group on Antimicrobial Resistance (IACG)
    We need stronger leadership on AMR– an interview with Professor Otto Cars
    Has antimicrobial resistance worsened during the Covid-19 pandemic and will the tough lessons on disease prevention help? Professor Otto Cars, infectious disease specialist from Uppsala University and founder of the international network ReAct, discu...
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  • Roger Madelin and urban planner Karin Åkerblom from Uppsala municipality meet and discuss during the summit.
    "Make kids happy: make more money" - interview with London based urban developer Roger Madelin
    Roger Madelin has a long career in urban development. In 2016 he was appointed to lead the development of British Land’s 46-acre Canada Water site in London, which will feature two million sq ft of workspace, 3,500 homes and one million sq ft of reta...
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  • Dr Mariana Brussoni
    Why keeping children ultra-safe is not good parenting - Interview with plenary speaker Dr Mariana Brussoni
    Dr Mariana Brussoni will speak on achieving a balanced risk perception in childhood and adolescence at the upcoming Summit. She is a developmental child psychologist who has investigated child injury prevention and children’s outdoor play for 15 year...
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  • Photo: Jade Cody
    Growing Up Boulder! Interview with Director Mara Mintzer
    Community Engagement Specialist Mara Mintzer, Director of Growing up Boulder (GUB) at the University of Colorado, will participate as an inspirational speaker in the workshop Listen to the Kids! at Uppsala Health Summit in October. Starting in 2014, ...
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  • Dr Gisela Nyberg, GIH
    Empowering industry to promote physical activity - Interview with Dr. Gisela Nyberg at the Swedish School of Sport and Health Sciences
    Dr. Nyberg and her colleagues are organizing a workshop at Uppsala Health Summit on how industry and academic researchers can collaborate around the development of products and services that promote healthy brain functions in children through physica...
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  • Dr. Fiona Bull is Programme Manager for Surveillance and Population-Based Prevention of Non-Communicable Diseases (NCD) at WHO.
    Physical activity as a win for health, win for society and win for the planet - Interview with keynote Dr. Fiona Bull, WHO
    It has been a busy year for Dr. Bull and her team following the High-Level Meeting in the UN General Assembly in 2018 where world leaders committed to bold actions to reduce NCD’s through a global action plan. To help countries progress, WHO is now u...
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  • Dr. Kerstin Nordin, Lecturer in Landscape Architecture at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
    Children can help us to a holistic understanding of the city
    Listen to the kids! is the title of one of the workshops at Uppsala Health Summit in October, prepared by Dr. Kerstin Nordin, Lecturer in Landscape Architecture at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in collaboration with Dr. Maria Nordst...
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  • Growing up Boulder: Experiences of involving children in urban planning
    Urban planner Dr. Mara Mintzer, University of Colorado, will participate as inspirational speaker in the workshop Listen to the Kids at Uppsala Health Summit in October. Her presentation at TEDxMileHigh from November 2017 is a good source of inspirat...
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  • Lisa Skiöld, Children's Ombudsperson, Uppsala, Sweden
    Meet Lisa Skiöld, Children's Ombudsperson, Uppsala, Sweden
    What can we expect to gain from dialogues with children and how should they be prepared? In this interview, you will meet Lisa Skiöld, Children's Ombudsperson in Uppsala County, who is running a set of pre-summit dialogues with children and adolescen...
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  • Achievements on One Health after Uppsala Health Summit 2017
    In this interview, one of the delegates, Dr. Alex Riolexus Ario of The Uganda National Institute of Public Health reflects on the progress of the One Health approach in his country and on how Uppsala Health Summit helped them to takes steps towards w...
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  • Scholarships available for press and delegates at Uppsala Health Summit 2019
    We are pleased to announce that Uppsala Health Summit can offer a limited number of scholarships that cover travel, accommodation and Summit fees, for media and for delegates representing youth organisations anywhere in the world, and for delegates r...
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  • High time to deliver on Non-Communicable Diseases!
    Despite all evidence-based solutions and commitments to combat Non-Communicable Diseases (NCD's) progress has been slow and uneven globally. Last summer, the World Health Organization’s Independent High-level Commission on NCDs released the report Ti...
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  • A shower of stars over City of Uppsala
    We are proud to be partially owned by, and also host Uppsala Health Summit in a town that has been awarded not one, but five (!) prestigious awards related to sustainable city futures in the past year.
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  • 29-year follow-up of Swedish prostate cancer patients
    Conclusions from the Scandinavian Prostate Cancer Group Study Number Four (SPCG-4), published in New England Journal of Medicine in December 2018, show that men with clinically detected prostate cancer can benefit from radical prostatectomy. The stud...
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  • Petter Åkerblom, Program Committee Chair 2019
    Meet Petter Åkerblom, Program Committee Chair 2019
    Dr. Petter Åkerblom is a landscape architect, specialized in children’s and young persons’ urban outdoor environments, and senior lecturer at the Department of Urban and Rural Development; Division of Landscape Architecture at the Swedish University ...
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  • Filmed plenary presentations from Uppsala Health Summit 2018, Care for Cancer
    Our Summit Care for Cancer, which was held in June, was a response to the growing opportunities to treat for cure or improved survival and the paradox of unequal access. Discussions focused on how to open up opportunities for a growing number of pati...
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  • Globocan 2018 – new data available
    During his keynote at Uppsala Health Summit in June, Professor Max Parkin announced the up-coming release of the latest version of the global cancer report, Globocan 2018. The report, with a set of tools to compare and visualise data, is now availabl...
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  • Conclusions from Care for Cancer now published
    All over the world, the number of new cancer cases increases at a pace which will pose enormous strains on all healthcare systems if we continue to ignore the warning signals. Even with one third of all cancer cases being traceable to lifestyle facto...
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  • Uppsala Health Summit 8 – 9 October 2019: Healthy Urban Childhoods. Save the dates!
    By 2050 around 70 % of the world’s population will live in cities. The majority of these urban residents will be children. How can we plan, develop and build our cities in a way that their mental and physical health is promoted and protected? This is...
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  • Dr Lars Lööf, Senior Professor at Uppsala University
    Finding the true value of cancer drugs
    At Uppsala Health Summit Care for Cancer meeting next week, Dr Lars Lööf, Senior Professor at Uppsala University and member of the New Therapies Council in Sweden, hopes to stimulate a discussion around the true clinical value and price-setting for n...
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  • Thomas Cueni, DG of the International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Associations (IFPMA
    Q&A:Thomas Cueni, DG of IFPMA shares an industry perspective on access to treatment
    Thomas Cueni, DG of the International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Associations (IFPMA) will speak at Uppsala Health Summit, Care for Cancer in a plenary session on access to treatments and diagnostics. In this interview, Thomas ela...
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  • Dr Mariângela Simão, Assistant Director-General for Medicines Access,Vaccines and Pharmaceuticals at the World Health Organization (WHO)
    WHO Assistant-Director General to deliver keynote address at the Care for Cancer Summit
    Dr Mariângela Simão, Assistant Director-General for Medicines Access,Vaccines and Pharmaceuticals at the World Health Organization (WHO) will deliver a keynote address at Uppsala Health Summit in June. We caught up with Dr. Simão to ask for her persp...
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  • Excerpt from the Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation Annual Report
    “In the past, it was considered unethical to involve children in medical studies. With the conditions we have today, it would be unethical not to"
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  • Dr. Max Parkin
    Unpuzzling Cancer in Africa - Interview with plenary speaker Prof. Max Parkin
    Professor Max Parkin is an Oxford University scholar whose work has been instrumental for our understanding of cancer as a global public health concern. At Uppsala Health Summit in June, he will talk about how to build an understanding of the global ...
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  • Photo by: Karl Nordlund
    Childhood Cancer is not Adult Cancer - Interview with Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation's Head of Research, Dr Kerstin Sollerbrant
    The Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation is a partner of Uppsala Health Summit 2018. In this interview, the organization´s Head of Research, Dr Kerstin Sollerbrant tells us about the key care issues affecting children with cancer and their families.
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  • Lars Holmberg, Professor Emeritus, Uppsala University
    Why we must talk about cancer
    Meet Professor Lars Holmberg, Uppsala Health Summit Programme Committee Chair 2018
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