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Why a global health summit in Uppsala?

Sweden has long been home to a thriving life sciences community with hands-on international experience of solutions to many of today’s most important healthcare issues. One example is our patient registries. Together with disease registries, socio-demographic statistics and bio-banks they open up for better understanding of future challenges and how to respond to them.



The Uppsala region is home to a strong science base with two leading academic institutions: Uppsala University and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, with internationally competitive research in several fields and clinical research at Uppsala University Hospital.

The research infrastructure, including platforms for large scale biomedical research, biobanks, patient registries and resources for advanced computational science, open up many new possibilities to improve healthcare worldwide. Regulatory authorities, such as the Swedish Medical Products Agency and the Swedish Veterinary Agency, and a wide company network, contribute to the overall abilities to put research results into practice.

The strong tradition of innovating for better health has also taught us that the way for new knowledge to benefit the patient is far from straight.

We know there are obstacles to be overcome. We ask the essential questions and invite the world to come and discuss.

A metropolis in miniature

Uppsala, Sweden, is easily accessible. It is only 30 minutes from Stockholm Arlanda International Airport, within a 2 – 3 hours’ reach of the major cities of Europe.

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