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Uppsala Health Summit publishes pre-conference report

For the upcoming Uppsala Health Summit on antibiotic resistance, 2–3 June, a report has now been published focusing on some of the most pressing issues and challenges. The aim of the meeting is to move the discussion forward, from the ‘what’ to the ‘who’ and ‘how’.

The pre-conference report is an important part of Uppsala Health Summit. The report allows the carefully selected participants, who all bring their knowledge and influence in the area of antibiotic resistance, to come well prepared for the issues to be discussed. What needs to be done in the fight against antibiotic resistance is already becoming clear for global health authorities and decision-makers of the world, but moving from words and knowledge to action requires further efforts from everyone involved. At the end of May, the World Health Assembly will decide on a global action plan on antimicrobial resistance. Uppsala Health Summit will follow the next week.

We want to pinpoint the obstacles and be very concrete. That is only possible if we achieve an open and frank discussion. These are very difficult issues to be solved along the way", says Thomas Tängdén, researcher and chair of the Uppsala Health Summit programme committee for 2015.

The chapters of the report relate to the topics to be discussed in smaller groups behind closed doors. These workshops constitute an essential part of the meeting. How can we speed up development of new antibiotics? How could new business models work, creating incentives to develop medical treatments which cannot be sold freely? How can we secure access to effective antibiotics in low- and middle-income countries? How can our global society stop overuse of existing antibiotics and of future antibiotics being developed? How can we stop environmental pollution of antibiotics and antibiotic resistant bacteria which speed up the development of resistance in nature? How can we quickly produce simple, cheap tests that can show what is causing an infection and which treatment that will work? What would it cost to prohibit the use of antibiotics for growth promotion in animal husbandry? Can we achieve global coordination? Who is responsible for what, and who pays?

Journalists are welcome to take part in the plenum sessions on both days of the summit, as well as the panel discussion and concluding remarks.


The pre-conference report can be ordered from info@uppsalahealthsummit.se or downloaded from the Uppsala Health Summit website.

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