Reports from Uppsala Health Summit

Effective dialogue requires a common understanding of the challenge. That is why we produce Uppsala Health Summit's pre-conference reports. These reports, which are prepared by the program committee, also provide an overview of recent research and developments within the field. 

Conclusions from the Summits, i.e. reflections and proposals on how to move forward, are prepared by the same team, and published a few months after the Summit.

You are encouraged to download the reports, share them and use them for your work.

Healthy Urban Childhoods, 8-9 Oct 2019

Healthy Urban Childhoods

Healthy Urban Childhoods, Pre-Conference Report

Post Conference Report - Conclusions from Workshops

Care for Cancer, Post-Conference Report  January 2018
Pre-conference report liten Care for Cancer, Pre-Conference Report May 2018
postconference Tackling infectious Disease Threats, Post-Conference Report January 2018
Tackling Infectious Disease Threats, Pre-Conference Report  September 2017 

Ending Childhood Obesity, Post-Conference Report January 2017

pre-conference vinjett

Ending Childhood Obesity, Pre-Conference Report September 2016

A world without antibiotics, Pre-Conference Report April 2015
A world without antibiotics - Post-Conference Report October 2015

Healthcare for healthy ageing, Pre-Conference Report May 2014

Healthcare for healthy ageing, - Post-Conference Report September 2014