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Healthy Lives from Sustainable Food Systems 2022

Uppsala Health Summit 2022 is behind us, but the dialogue about food systems transformation continues. Join the conversation online using #UppsalaHealthSummit or #UHS22.


For two days in October 2022, 200 food- and health experts from government, academia, industry, and civil society from 30 countries across five continents engaged in science-to-policy dialogues to discuss necessary actions for the transformation of our food systems to promote our and the planet’s health.

Food lies at the heart of both health and sustainable development, yet our current food systems are “making us ill, driving climatic change and undermining the health of ecosystems and the essential services on which our health and well-being depend (WHO). COVID-19 and the war in Ukraine have made matters worse and sparked a global food crisis. As always, it is the most marginalized and excluded who are the hardest hit.

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