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A World Without Antibiotics 2015

Antibiotic resistance is one of the great threats to health globally, a threat that needs urgent coordinated action on a global scale. WHO states that if we cannot combat resistance properly, ordinary infections that we today consider treatable will kill again.

In 2015, Uppsala Health Summit invited decision-makers, opinion leaders and experts to discuss how to implement the Global action plan on anti-microbial resistance, adopted in May 2015 by the World Health Assembly.

The summit covered six aspects of combatting resistance and of reasonable use of antibiotics, each focussing on which steps to take next towards implementing the global action plan.

  1. Access to antibiotics
  2. New economic models addressing antibiotic resistance
  3. The environmental dimension of antibiotic resistance
  4. Research and innovation for new therapies – collaborative models
  5. Improved diagnostics for patient safety and surveillance
  6. Antibiotics in animal production

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