Videos from Uppsala Health Summit 2014, Healthcare for Healthy Ageing

June 3, 2014

Opening speech: Welcome to Uppsala Health Summit 2014

Is ageing an opportunity or a problem? Why do we need to keep people healthy?

Prevention needs for healthy ageing. An international policy perspective.

Patient registers and primary prevention – A vision for how epigenetic studies can help us design personalised prevention programmes.

Challenges healthcare providers face investing in prevention and early detection – How industry is demonstrating the value of technology.

Integrating prevention measures in a healthcare system. Why and how?

Myths about ageing populations, health and money.

Panel Discussion

June 4, 2014

Introductory speech

Comparative health policy and healthy ageing.

Technologies for autonomous ageing – gains, risks, needs and obstacles.

Costs and benefits in new treatments for elderly – How can we estimate the value?

Data-driven innovation. The view from Google, the challenges and the opportunities.

Panel Discussion

Summit closing remarks

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