Presentations in Plenary 2017

Plenary Session 1: Emerging Disease Threats, their Global Drivers, and One Health


Plenary Session 2: Zoonotic Disease Threats: Prevent, Detect, Respond 

Plenary Session 3Making One Health Work


Plenary Session 1: Emerging Disease Threats, their Global Drivers, and One Health

  • Björn Olsen: Pandemics - an inevitable consequence of human predatory behaviour

  • Dr Peter Daszak: The beginning of the end of the pandemic era

  • Dr Maria K. Lapinski: Connecting Social Science Research to One Health Challenges

Plenary Session 2: Zoonotic Disease Threats: Prevent, Detect, Respond

  • Dr Eric Fèvre: Lessons from integrated One Health research in Kenya

  • Dr Paul Richards: Three lessons for One Health from the Upper West African Ebola epidemic

  • Dr Beth Ann Griswold Coller: The journey of the rVSV-ZEBOV Ebola Vaccine

Plenary Session 3: Making One Health Work

  • Dr Pierre Formenty: Global outbreak response and R&D: a country based strategy and One Health framework

  • Dr Timothy Bouley: World Banking One Health

  • Dr Johanna Takkinen: Making One Health work – Experiences with food- and waterborne diseases in EU/EEA

  • Dr Bassirou Bonfoh: One Health Governance in West Africa

Plenary Session 4: Implementing Lessons Learned - Future priorities

  • Dr Charlie Weller: A world better prepared to respond to emerging infectious disease outbreaks

  • Dr Jim Gallarda: Where do we go from here? Two futures…

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