Presentations in Plenary 2016

Dr Sania Nishtar, Co-chair of the WHO Commission on Ending Childhood Obesity, opened Uppsala Health Summit 2016 with this keynote address on 11 October 2016.

Plenary Session 1: The Urgency of the Situation

Plenary Session 2: The Double Burden of Malnutrition and the Role of Food Policy

Plenary Session 3: Lessons learnt from interventions, actions and policy changes

Plenary Session 4: The political responsibility for ending childhood obesity

Plenary Session 5: Towards a strong Evidence Base

Dr. Stefan Swartling Petersson, Chief Health Section, UNICEF

Plenary Session 1: The urgency of the situation

  • Dr Boyd Swinburn, Professor, University of Auckland, Director, WHO Obesity Collaboration Centre

  • Dr Douglas Bettcher, Director, Dept. Prevention of Non-communicable Diseases, WHO

  • Dr Lisa M Powell, Professor University of Illinois at Chicago

Plenary session 2: The double burden of malnutrition and the role of food policy

Dr Corinna Hawkes, Professor and Director, Centre for Food Policy, City University, London

Plenary Session 3: Lessons learnt from interventions, actions, and policy changes

  • Director General Alejandro Calvillo, El Poder del Consumidor, Mexico

  • Dr Julie S Downs, Director, Associate Professor, Carnegie Mellon University

  • Dr Shawn T. Brown, Centre Director Carnegie Mellon University, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Plenary session 4: The political responsibility for ending childhood obesity

Gabriel Wikström, Minister for Health Care, Public Health and Sports, Sweden

Plenary session 5: Towards a strong evidence base

  • Dr Claude Marcus, Professor, Karolinska Institutet, Pediatrician, Karolinska University Hospital

  • Dr. Frank Bloomfield, Professor, Director, Liggins Institute, University of Auckland

  • Celina Gorre, Executive Director, Global Alliance Chronic Disease

  • Dr Garrath Williams, Senior Lecturer, Lancaster University

  • Dr Maria Bonilla Chacin, Senior Economist, World Bank

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