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Uppsala Health Summit 8-9 October 2019

This year's theme: Healthy Urban Childhoods

Pre-Conference Report 2019

This report, prepared by our programme comittee, provides a summary of the overall theme and outlines the background to each workshop at upcoming the Healthy Urban Childhoods Summit. 


Healthy Urban Childhoods will focus on how to strengthen the child perspective in urban planning to create healthier and more inclusive cities for children. The two-day summit takes place 8-9 October at Uppsala Castle, in Uppsala, Sweden.

Our goal is to provide an arena that could be truly helpful in development of input for interventions based on what we indeed know about child-friendly city planning, well-functioning urban playscapes, the health situation among children and the key factors that could generate physical literacy. We also must learn to from listening to children’s own knowledge about what characterizes suitable and attractive urban environments that influence their learning, joy, and pleasure.

This year we will be live-streaming the opening session of the Uppsala Health Summit, please join us live online for the opening session on 8th October between 9.00 – 10.30 EST (GMT+1) by going to the link You can also join on twitter under #UaHS2019. Uppsala Health Summit tweets from handle @Ua_HealthSummit and we will live-tweet from the summit both days under #UaHS2019.

The program on the 8th will feature the following speakers. 

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Physical activity as a win for health, win for society and win for the planet

Portrait: Fiona Bull

It has been a busy year for keynote speaker Dr. Fiona Bull and her team following the High-Level Meeting in the UN General Assembly in 2018 where world leaders committed to bold actions to reduce NCD’s through a global action plan. To help countries progress, WHO is now updating and developing new guidelines for physical exercise across the lifespan. Why is this revision necessary?

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Meet this year's program committee chair

- We need urban environments that are safe, challenging and accessible for children and young persons. Environments where they can move around independently, on their own terms. In many parts of the world, this is a major challenge when developing our cities, especially in already developed urban environments, or where competition for land is high.

Meet Dr. Petter Åkerblom. 

Portrait: Petter Åkerblom

The meeting

People participating at the summit

Uppsala Health Summit is an international arena where delegates participate in solution-oriented dialogues in workshops, inspired by keynote presentations and debates in plenary sessions. Delegates come from different sectors and countries, and bring a diverse set of competencies to the tables, which creates the best conditions for enriching conversations and opportunities for establishing useful new relations. Learn more.