Precision Medicine for Cancer Care

Precision medicine is a contemporary development of medical practice with the aim to “match the proper medical treatment to the right patient”. By definition, precision medicine takes a serious look at the individual and becomes interested in the unique features and manifestations of disease in each and every patient. Cancer exemplifies the modern trend of precision medicine to an even deeper and more complex level because, even within a single patient’s body, tumors may exhibit diverse pathophysiological properties that often complicate the efficient treatment of this group of diseases.

This workshop will stimulate a frank discussion on how to make precision medicine deliver on its promises for individual patients. What ethical, managerial and financial dilemmas arise with the rapidly evolving high-throughput molecular analysis, digital medical imaging and drug development technologies? Can the pioneering precision medical cancer  research in high-income countries also profit the needs of the individual cancer patient in other parts of the world?

Inspirational Speakers: Professor Richard Rosenquist Brandell and Dr. Päivi Östling, Karolinska Institutet, Sweden

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Workshop team: Aristidis Moustakas, Lucia Cavelier & Eva Molin, SciLifeLab, Uppsala