Clinical Value and Price Setting for New Cancer Drugs

New substances for cancer treatment are costly to develop, and when introduced on the market, many healthcare providers must refrain from offering them to their patients, due to the high cost. In addition, the majority of these treatments are developed for limited patient groups, and released at an early phase of development. The actual benefit for society, or for larger groups of patients, is thus not available at the time of market release. According to which principles should healthcare payers evaluate treatments? Can we develop new thinking for a more efficient risk sharing between industry and healthcare?

While conditions for market release are fairly similar in many countries (EU and US regulations are not identical, but similar), the rules for "reimbursement" vary. However, most healthcare systems experience similar needs to control their budgets.

In this workshop, we prepare for a discussion on the opportunities for a more balanced understanding of the true value of new cancer drugs in the regulatory process for marketing approval, and to identify basic building blocks for fair pricing strategies.

Inspirational Speakers: Dr. Filip Josephson, Clinical Assessor, Swedish Medical Products Agency, Mr. Deepak Khanna, Senior Vice President and Regional President, EMEAC Oncology, MSD

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Workshop team: Lars Lööf, Region Uppsala and New Therapies Council; Tomas Salmonson, Swedish Medical Products Agency; Hans Hägglund, Uppsala University Hospital; Henrik Lindman, Uppsala University Hospital