Co-operation with industry and other sponsors

Health care alone cannot meet the enormous burden of health challenges in the world: There must be a collaboration by all actors in society. Uppsala Health Summit offers a unique opportunity to contribute.

Uppsala Health Summit is an annual arena of thought leaders and practitioners from different sectors on how to make better use of research and innovations for better health outcomes globally. The focus is on dialogue and forging new partnerships. The project is run as a collaborative effort between eight Swedish public or not-for-profit partners, with Uppsala University as its lead partner. These partners are also our principle financiers. To enable us to create our unique arena we welcome additional support from industry, foundations and NGO's. Welcome to Uppsala Health Summit with your participation, expertise and contribution.

Welcome to contact our sponsor coordinator directly to discuss your proposal!

N.B. All relations with potential and actual sponsors are guided by our sponsor policy, adopted by the steering committee in June 2013.

Last modified: 2021-08-19