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Supporting Uppsala Health Summit provides an opportunity to take an active part in cross-disciplinary and multi-sector discussions around global health and health care solutions. 

By becoming our sponsor, you extend your outreach and create engagement opportunities with other like-minded organisations. You will be invited to take part in the Summit, but also become part of a network dedicated to promote health globally.

Heard from our sponsors:

"Novo Nordisk was one of the sponsors of the 2016 Uppsala Health Summit on childhood obesity and we felt that it was a good investment in time and money. Novo Nordisk has over 95 years of experience in diabetes care, and to fully understand the linkages and underlying mechanisms, we have had to invest a lot of research in obesity. So now, as obesity has become pandemic, - we feel it is our responsibility to share our knowledge in this field.  The private sector, healthcare systems and academia have to work together. To engage in Uppsala Health Summit gave us the opportunity to interact with different stakeholders: politicians, authorities, academia and not least, patients. The Uppsala Health Summit team helped us to get in contact with relevant participants.

This broad range of attendees made the meeting highly important, and discussions were both hands-on and inspiring.

Meetings at this high professional level are key to be able at some point to solve the complicated issue of global obesity. And in the meantime, until the next meeting, it is important we all remember one take-home message from the days in Uppsala: recognise that obesity is a chronic disease and let us help the patients that are already affected by identifying people at risk and acting while there is still time".

Henrik Brorsson, Novo Nordisk

To avoid a scenario where ordinary infections will be life-threatening, it’s very important that all stakeholders co-ordinate their strategies to retain the effectiveness of today’s and tomorrow’s antibiotics. We sponsor Uppsala Health Summit because we believe it’s an important initiative to gather around.

Björn Janzén

Meda has chosen to sponsor Uppsala Health Summit since complicated issues involving many actors can be highlighted and solved more easily in result-orientated meetings. An important part will be to produce an action plan on how to administer and develop older antibiotics.

Holger von Fircks

Uppsala Health Summit was a very positive experience for us. Engaging in Uppsala Health Summit gave us the opportunity to interact with key experts and stakeholders from academia, authorities and politics.

Linn Mandahl-Skepp

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Last modified: 2021-10-29