Tackling Infectious Disease Threats

Prevent, detect, respond with a One Health approach
10 – 11 October 2017, Uppsala Castle

Voices from the Summit

Presentations in Plenary

  • Professor Björn Olsen, Uppsala University

  • Professor Maria Lapinski, Michigan State University

  • Professor Eric Fevre, ILRI, University of Liverpool

  • Ulrika Modéer, Secretary of State, Gov. of Sweden

  • Professor Hannah Akuffo, Senior Advisor, SIDA

  • Johanna Takkinen, DVM, Head of Food- and Waterborne Diseases Programme, ECDC

  • Professor Paul Richards, Njala University, University of Wageningen

  • Dr. Pierre Formenty. DVM, Team Lead WHO

  • Dr. Timothy Bouley, Climate and Health Team Lead, World Bank

  • Bassirou Bonfoh, Director, CSRS Afrique-One

  • Charlie Weller, Head of the Vaccine Programme at the Wellcome Trust

  • Dr Jim Gallarda, Senior Program Officer, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

  • Dr. Peter Daszak President, EcoHealth Alliance

Interview with Uppsala Health Summit's sponsor GE Healthcare

GE Healthcare is a major sponsor of  Uppsala Health Summit 2017. In this article from our Pre-Conference Report, Customer Applications Director, Dr. Mats Lundgren discusses the need for bio-pharmaceutical manufacturing to respond to threats from infectious diseases.

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