Policy Tools to Drive Change

Introductory speakers: Dr Lisa M. Powell, Distinguished Professor, University of Illinois at Chicago, School of Public Health, Professor Kaisa Kotakorpi, Turku School of Economics and Dr. Julie S. Downs, Carnegie Mellon University.

About the workshop:

Tax on sugar has been implemented in different forms in many countries. Some say they are efficient in reducing sugar-intake among populations at risk. Meanwhile, critics argue the effects are disproportional and unfair. Whether taxes or subsidies shift consumption away from energy-dense unhealthy products towards healthier food, and thereby reduce the prevalence of overweight/obesity, will depend on (i) how responsive demand is to prices; or the price elasticity in economics jargon, and (ii) to what extent consumers do not substitute the taxed good for other energy dense food.

At Uppsala Health Summit we will look into the argument for introducing taxes or subventions, given different economic conditions, and what other types of macro-level regulations that can have the desired effect. We will also discuss opportunities of using methods associated with behavioural economics such as "nudging" . 

Workshop prepared by: Dr. Erik Grönqvist, Researcher, Department of Economics; Director of Health Economic Forum, Uppsala University, Dr Anna-Sara Lind, Associate Professor of Public Law and Senior Lecturer at the Department of Law, Uppsala University

Last modified: 2021-08-19