Uppsala Health Summit Governance

Uppsala Health Summit is a collaborative effort, initiated by a partnership of actors who see the potential for improving healthcare and health outcomes in a global perspective, and who believe in the power of open dialogue to address some of today’s global health challenges.

Organised by: Uppsala Health Summit is hosted by Uppsala University

Partners: Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences; the Swedish Medical Products Agency; Region Uppsala; the National Veterinary Institute; the City of Uppsala; and Örebro University. 

Steering committee

  • Chairman: Professor Anders Hagfeldt, Vice-Chancellor, Uppsala University
  • Ida Bylund Lindman, Director Sustainable Development, City of Uppsala
  • Dr Björn Eriksson, Director General, Medical Products Agency 
  • Professor Maria Knutson Wedel, Vice-Chancellor, Swedish University for Agricultural Sciences (SLU)
  • Professor Ann Lindberg, Director General, National Veterinary Institute (SVA)
  • Professor Johan Schnürer, Vice-Chancellor, Örebro University
  • Dr Andreas Muranyi Scheutz, Director for Research and Innovation, Region Uppsala

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board serves in an advisory capacity to the steering committee and project management, to ensure that an international perspective is maintained. The Advisory Board complements the expertise of the Steering Committee and extends the contact network for Uppsala Health Summit.

  • Chairman: Professor Stefan Swartling Peterson, Professor of Global Transformations for Health, Karolinska Institutet, Sweden
  • Katinka de Balogh, Senior Animal Health and Production Officer/One Health focal point at FAO Investment Centre, FAO
  • Leslie Elder, Senior consultant, former Senior Nutrition Specialist, the World Bank 
  • Dr Suzanne Håkansson, Senior Director Government Affairs Europe and Nordic, AstraZeneca
  • Dr. Anders Milton, Senior consultant, former President and CEO of the Swedish Medical Association and Swedish Red Cross
  • Maria Stella de Sabata, International Diabetes Federation European Region, and Advisor, Fondo Elena Moroni per l'Oncologia 
  • Dr. Ingrid Wünning Tschol, Senior Vice President, Strategy, Robert Bosch Foundation Think Tank

Contact for project management and contact details.

Last modified: 2023-09-08