Co-operation with industry and other sponsors

Uppsala Health Summit brings together different perspectives to address challenges and dilemmas in order to improve utilization of medical advancements, so that health outcome can be significantly improved in all parts of the world.

Uppsala Health Summit is run as a collaborative effort between eight Swedish public or not-for-profit partners, with Uppsala University as its lead partner. These partners are also our major financiers.

At Uppsala Health Summit we believe that progress requires contribution from actors representing different parts of the society, including politics, academia, industry, NGOs and healthcare. Uppsala Health Summit is open to collaborations with partners from these sectors. We accept additional funding from not-for-profit organizations, such as foundations and charities, as well as from companies. All relations to possible and actual sponsors are guided by our sponsor policy, adopted by the steering committee in June 2013.

Thus, Uppsala Health Summit will maintain full control of planning, determination of objectives and content of conferences, reports and other material, including the selection of speakers, moderators and authors, independently from external sponsors.

Transparency is vital to Uppsala Health Summit. Thus, all our partners and sponsors are clearly announced on our website, conference reports and other material produced by Uppsala Health Summit.

Uppsala, October 2014