Sponsor Opportunities

Why sponsor Uppsala Health Summit?

Uppsala Health Summit is an arena to build the relations over sectorial and national borders to be better prepared to implement new solutions addressing global health issues. As a sponsor, you will benefit from the networking activities not only during the Summit, but from the very start of setting the scene. You will experience a close collaboration with Uppsala Health Summit's team, for mutual benefit.

  • Contribute with your perspectives to an important dialogue on global health and healthcare.
  • Manifest your dedication, both inside and outside your organization, to solve key health challenges.
  • Connect with key experts and stakeholders from academia, authorities, health sector, politics and industry before, during and after the summit.

Sponsor Opportunities

We propose three different levels of sponsorship, ranging from SEK 100,000 to SEK 500,000. Please consider these levels as a starting point for a conversation with us. We want to develop an opportunity that strengthens your capacity and visibility in a solution oriented dialogue on health.

Sponsor contact:
Ronnie ALSÉN, +46 (0)70 167 92 06