Presentations in Plenary

Plenary Session 1: Emerging Disease Threats, their Global Drivers, and One Health

Plenary Session 2: Zoonotic Disease Threats: Prevent, Detect, Respond 

Plenary Session 3Making One Health Work

Plenary Session 4: Implementing Lessons Learned - Future priorities

Presentations in Workshops

WS discussion

Workshop A: Zoonotic diseases in livestock - mitigating risk behaviour

Workshop B: Empowered and resilient communities - a need for new perspectives

Workshop C: A roadmap for effective diagnostics to combat global infectious disease

Workshop D: New medicines and vaccines - what do we need to monitor their safety in emergency situations

Workshop E: Innovation and big data in health surveillance

Workshop F: Whose priorities count? Empowering Scientific Capacities for locally-relevant and sustainable solutions

Workshop G: Drivers and constraints in modern typing tools for detection of food-borne infections

Last modified: 2023-03-23