Pathways to Lifelong Mental Wellbeing

Pathways to Lifelong Mental Wellbeing

18-21 Oct, 2021. Fully Digital and Interactive from Uppsala.

We are all in this together...

Mental health is one of the most important global health challenges of our time. Fostering and protecting mental wellbeing requires multi-sectoral action at all levels in society, but there is often a need for better understanding of available approaches, how they can be successfully implemented and benefit more people.

Our Summit in October provided a unique interdisciplinary platform for researchers, experts and practitioners to present and discuss innovative approaches to prevent and intervene for better mental health globally.

View the Plenary Sessions from the Mental Well-being Summit below

We are delighted to share the recorded Plenary sessions from our summit. You can view the detailed programme for the plenary sessions here

  • Dr Ledia Lazeri, WHO Europe Regional Advisor, Mental Health

  • Dr Benjamin Perks, Head of Campaigns and Advocacy at UNICEF

  • Dr Christian Ruck, Professor, Department of Clinical Neuroscience, Karolinska Institutet

  • Dr Vikram Patel, Professor of Global Health, Harvard Medical School and Harvard Sch. of Pub. Health

  • Dr Dixon Chibanda, Associate Professor, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, UK

  • Dr Andy Blackwell, Chief Scientific Officer, IESO Digital Health, UK

  • Dr Paul Farrand, Professor, University of Exeter, UK

  • Dr Gerhard Andersson, Professor, Linköping University, Sweden

  • Dr Andrea M. Beetz, Professor, IU International University of Applied Sciences, Germany

  • Dr Nick Allen, Professor of Clinical Psychology at the University of Oregon, USA

  • Dr Jacqueline Nesi, Ass. Professor, Department of Psychiatry and Human Behavior, Brown University,.

  • Dr Madeleine George, Public Health Research Analyst at RTI International, Durham North Carolina, USA

  • Dr Christian Benedict, Associate Professor in Neuroscience, Uppsala University, Sweden

  • Dr Catharine Ward Thompson, Professor of Landscape Architecture, University of Edinburgh, UK

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  • Plenary Session 2

  • Plenary Session 3

  • Plenary Session 4

  • Plenary Session 5

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Our Pre-Conference Report is here!

For each summit, our multi-discplinary programme committees write a report to prepare participants for the dialogue in workshops. Each chapter gives you a solid background to the different topics we will address at the summit.

Download the report here!


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