Pathways to Lifelong Mental Wellbeing

Pathways to Lifelong Mental Wellbeing

18-21 Oct, 2021. Fully Digital and Interactive from Uppsala.

We are all in this together...

Mental health is one of the most important global health challenges of our time. Fostering and protecting mental wellbeing requires multi-sectoral action at all levels in society, but there is often a need for better understanding of available approaches, how they can be successfully implemented and benefit more people.

Our Summit in October will provide a unique interdisciplinary platform for researchers, experts and practitioners to present and discuss innovative approaches to prevent and intervene for better mental health globally.

Join a multi-sectoral group of thought-leaders and share your experiences of researching and implementing interventions.

The program is currently under development.

Mark your Calendars! Registration will open in August 2021.

Last modified: 2021-07-06