Our sponsors: Managing Antimicrobial Resistance through Behaviour Change

CoopCoop is one of Sweden's largest food chains, and it is a green brand and multi-award winning for their sustainability profile. Coop is a cooperative, which means that it is owned by their customers and members. The cooperative association started as a reaction against food fraud and excessive prices. Please learn more about Coop through this link.

Recipharm logoRecipharm is a leading global pharmaceutical Contract Development and Manufacturing Organisation (CDMO). They provide pharmaceutical companies around the world with tailor-made development and manufacturing services, including a wide variet of drug dosage forms, and inhalation products and devices. Please learn more about Recipharm through this link. 

Bactiguard logoBactiguard is a Swedish medical technology company on mission to prevent infections, increase patient safety and save lives. They develop and supply infection prevention solutions that lower the risk of infections, increase patient safety and reduce the use of antibiotics. Please learn more about Bactiguard through this link. 

PARFOUNDATIONThe Foundation to Prevent Antibiotic Resistance (PAR) was founded in 2017 by BioGaia, and is backed by contributions from philantropic donations. The PAR Foundation works to prevent antibiotic resistance by funding the promising but unconventional projects. Please learn more about the PAR Foundation through this link.

Axfoundation is an independent, non-profit organization working practically and concretely towards building a sustainable society. Axfoundation tackle local and global sustainability challenges based on practical issues related to the things we buy, the food we eat and the resources we use. Please learn more about Axfoundation through this link.

MSD logoMSD (Merck & Co. Inc. in USA and Canada) is a research-based pharmaceutical company that has been around for over 130 years. MSD is at the forefront of research in preventing and treating diseases that threaten people and animals, including cancer, infectious diseases such as HIV and Ebola and emerging animal diseases. Please learn more about MSD through this link.

LIF logoLIF - The Research-based Pharmaceutical Industry. LIF is the trade association for the researching pharmaceutical companies in Sweden. They work for high-quality care and access to new treatments by strengthening the Swedish Life Science sector in collaboration with healthcare actors, politicans, officials and patient representatives. Please learn more about LIF through this link. 

Robert Bosch Stiftung LogoThe Robert Bosch Stiftung is one of the major foundations in Europe that is associated with a private company. The Foundation supports the development of evidence-based policy recommendations and solutions and facilitates open dialogues involving decision-makers, opinion leaders and international experts from different fields. Please learn more about Robert Bosch Stiftung through this link. 

Last modified: 2022-05-04