Biobanking for Global Cancer Care

Biobanks are a critical resource to research and development of cancer diagnostics and treatments. The majority of established biobanks are developed with patient material from patients in Europe or the US. To truly become useful on a global scale, biobanks need to be established in low- and middle-income countries, reflecting these populations’ genotypes, connecting them with phenotype data.

Sharing of data and resources between biobank infrastructures in different countries will require a minimum ethical and legal framework for both inclusion of biological samples and for access to the biobanks.

This workshop will draw upon the results from the EU Horizon 2020 project B3Africa, and develop basic guidelines for a sustainable implementation of biobank infrastructures in all parts of the world, including issues such as ownership, access and sustainable management.

Inspirational Speaker: Dr. Roxana Merino-Martinez, Karolinska Institutet, Sweden

Link to chapter in pre-conference report

Workshop team:
Erik Bongcam and Tomas Klingström, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences