Presentations in Plenary Sessions

The following presentations from Uppsala Health Summit's plenary sessions are available for download. Please find Videos from all sessions here! 

Plenary Session 1: A Visionary Outlook

This session drew the broad picture of why this summit was neeeded; the challenges ahead, including those from an equity of access and economic perspective. It also  shed light on the many opportunities, for example in bio-banks, data and registries that can create a positive trajectory forward.


Plenary Session 2: Patients as a driving force to develop care

In many parts of the world, patients and their kin claim an individual relation to healthcare, focusing on the patient. Expectations are high on receiving an individualized treatment; on transparency and on access to your own data. Many also want to contribute to the development of cancer care with their own data, generated inside or outside healthcare.

How will this development influence the relationship between healthcare and the individual patient? How can healthcare take advantage of the research advancements in precision medicine? How should patients be involved? And is a patient focus only a high income luxury or a possibility everywhere?


Plenary session 3: Access to treatments and diagnostics

Access to new cancer diagnostics and treatments is extremely unequally distributed, especially between high- and low income countries. Pharma industry has been strongly criticized for charging too much. But is it really that simple? Can we secure both access and an innovating industry? 


Plenary Session 4: The threats against public health - Governance versus behavioural changes

Lifestyle is responsible for 30 % of all cancer cases. Tobacco alone may explain 20 %. Is it responsible to lay the burden of changing lifestyle on the individual only? What can can international governance and politics achieve?


Please view the presentations from plenary session 4 here. 

Workshop presentations are also available for download here.

Last modified: 2022-05-13