Photo Gallery

‚ÄčAll photos by Danish Saroee

Discussion i plenary
Dr Barbro Westerholm, Professor Emerita, Karolinska Institutet and MP in plenary debate
with  Dr. Vinayak Prasad, WHO and Dr. Folke Tersman, Professor of Practical Philosophy at
Uppsala University.
WS Vasasalen
The workshop on Precision Medicine in Cancer Care deep into work in Vasasalen at
Uppsala Castle.
Workshop in the Gallery
One the 8 workshop groups at the summit explored the subject of repositioning drugs to
open up treatment possibilities for groups of patients when there are no other options left.
Coffee break
Organized matchmaking took place during the coffee-breaks in a designated quite area.
Theme tables in the coffee area allowed participants to easily meet fellow delegates and
engage in active discussions.
Coffee break
Professor Max Parkin, Oxford University and Dr. Maimuna Mendy, International Agency
for Research on Cancer discuss with colleagues from the global cancer community.

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