The Need for Food industry Actions and Innovations

Introductory speakers: Susanne Bryngelsson, Managing Director, Swedish Nutrition Foundation (SNF)

Cecilia Mandrup, Danish Whole Grain Partnership

About the workshop:In this workshop, we will look into how industry can help children and their parents into healthier food patterns through strategic actions, innovations and effective communication. Following examples from the Danish Whole Grain Partnership and experiences from the CLYMBOL project we will discuss innovations and strategies for reformulations of foods and for providing consumers with the right information for the right decisions. For example: How can labelling be used to educate consumers and what should they say? Smaller portion sizes have been suggested as part of the solution towards healthy eating, but do they work? What are the strategies to reduce sugar in products while avoiding being “anti-business”? Are health claims or other health communication strategies needed?

Our focus will be on the identification of barriers and ways around them.

Workshop prepared by: Professor Rikard Landberg, Chalmers University of Technology and Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, and Dr Cecilia Mark-Herbert, Associate Professor, Marketing and Environmental Management, Department of Economics Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.