Our sponsors: Ending Childhood Obesity

Novo Nordisk logoNovo Nordisk is a global healthcare company with the purpose to drive change to defeat diabetes and other serious chronic diseases such as obesity, and rare blood and rare endocrine diseases. Novo Nordisk work with discovering and developing innovative biological medicines and making them accessible to patients throughout the world. Please learn more about Novo Nordisk through this link. 

GE Healthcare logoGE Healthcare is a leading provider of medical technology and diagnostics. They enable physicians to make informed decisions faster thanks to advanced technology, analytic tools, and programs and services through their Edison platform. Please learn more about GE Healthcare through this link. 

Vinnova logoVinnova is Sweden's innovation agency. They support to build Sweden's innovation capacity, contributing to sustainable growth by funding research and innovation projects, and also coordinating strategic initiatives, collaborating with actors across all sectors. Please learn more about Vinnova through this link. 

Handelsr├ądet logoHandelsrådet (The Swedish Retail and Wholesale Council) aims to strengthen the competitiveness of Swedish retail business and to create good conditions for employees. The Council is a strong common platform from which the parties can run a successful and effective dialogue with decision makers, opinion leaders and the general public. Please learn more about Handelsrådet through this link. 

Formas logoFormas is a government research council for sustainable development. Formas fund research and innovation, develop strategies, perform analyses and conduct evaluations. Their areas of activity include the environment, agricultural sciences and spatial planning. Please learn more about Formas through this link. 

Robert Bosch Stiftung logoThe Robert Bosch Stiftung is one of the major foundations in Europe that is associated with a private company. The Foundation supports the development of evidence-based policy recommendations and solutions and facilitates open dialogues involving decision-makers, opinion leaders and international experts from different fields. Please learn more about Robert Bosch Stiftung through this link. 

Last modified: 2022-05-17