Grants for participation in the summit

Scholarship for participants 

We are able to financially support the participation of people from low- and middle-income countries with limited ability to otherwise attend our upcoming meeting Chemical Pollution and One Health, 24-25th of October Uppsala, Sweden.

In total there are 9 workshops to choose between during 2 days. All grant holders are invited to the full summit programme including plenary sessions and networking opportunities.

Details on how to apply for participant scholarships

Below find the application form. Note that the last day for the application to reach Uppsala Health Summit is June 28th, 2023.

Scholarship for Journalists

As the overall goal is to drive change, by increasing awareness of solutions and dilemmas, it is important for the Summit to reach out to society outside the group of participants. Connecting with the media, and giving them a possibility to attend the summit, is thus important.

Uppsala Health Summit sets aside a limited budget to invite up to four journalists who otherwise wouldn’t have the possibility to attend the summit.

The offer

Uppsala Health Summit can cover costs for travel and accommodation for up to four journalists, enabling them to participate at Uppsala Health Summit 2023 on the theme Chemical Pollution and One Health - From Reactivity to Proactivity. The grantees guarantee that they will attend the meeting but there are no obligations to cover the summit as such.

At the Summit, the journalists will be able to connect with speakers and delegates from different sectors in different parts of the world.

Are you a journalist with a strong interest in chemicals and their impacts on human and planetary health? Have you covered these or similar topics previously in your work but want a chance to learn more, gain insights into the related policy landscape, to connect with academic experts, policymakers, opinion builders and practitioners?

Take this opportunity to deepen your insights and broaden your networks!

Details on how to apply for a journalist scholarship

Last modified: 2023-10-31