Several presentations were held during Uppsala Health Summit 2015, each centering on a different aspect of how to act on the growing threat of antibiotic resistance. Here, you can find the presentations in PDF format. More will be added soon.

Tuesday, 2 June
Plenum: Framing the issue
Dr. Gilles Forte Global action plan to combat antimicrobial resistance (PDF)
Workshop A: Access not excess
Dr. Suwit Wibulpolprasert Access vs. Excess to Antimicrobial under the Universal Health Coverage Systems in Thailand (PDF)
Workshop B: New economic models addressing antibiotic resistance
Professor John-Arne Røttingen New Economic Models Addressing Antibiotic Resistance (PDF)
Professor Kevin Outterson New Business Models for Antibiotics (PDF)
Workshop C: The environmental dimension of antibiotic resistance
Anja Leetz AMR & the environment (PDF)
Panel discussion: Gain political commitment and reach implementation
Dr. Hetty Van Beers-Schreurs Gain political commitment and reach implementation (PDF)

Wednesday, 3 June
Plenum: Actions needed
Dr. Manica Balasegaram The GAP for AMR: from Action Plan to operations (PDF)
Professor Ramanan Laxminarayan Economic Benefits of Antibiotic Growth Promoters in Livestock (PDF)
Workshop D: Research and innovation for new therapies – collaborative models
Professor Sarala Balachandran Workshop on Research and innovation for new therapies – Open Source Drug Discovery (OSDD) and other collaborative models (PDF)
James Anderson Collaborative Models for Antibacterial R&D (PDF)
Workshop E: Improved diagnostics for public health and surveillance
Dr. Francis Moussy Multipurpose Open Point-of-Care Diagnostic Platforms for LMICs (PDF)
Dr. Catharina Boehme Improved Diagnostics to fight AMR: Barriers to Development and Uptake (PDF)
Workshop F: Antibiotics in animal production
Professor Henning Steinfeld The use of anti-microbials in animal production (PDF)
Professor Dick Heederik Antimicrobial usage in the livestock sector: history, lessons learned and perspectives (PDF)