Filmed plenary presentations from Uppsala Health Summit 2018, Care for Cancer


Our Summit Care for Cancer, which was held in June, was a response to the growing opportunities to treat for cure or improved survival and the paradox of unequal access. Discussions focused on how to open up opportunities for a growing number of patients by making better use of data and technologies, and how such use can pave way for a more equitable access to the best possible treatment and diagnostics within any given context. You can now access all plenum presentations on our website.

The dialogue received great inputs and inspiration from our plenary speakers. Listen, get inspired and share them in your network, and sign up to our YouTube Channel not to miss any new presentations.

A number of suggestions were developed during the two days at Uppsala Castle in June. These focussed  largely on soft infrastructure, e.g. on how to enable the sharing data from research and clinics between different actors in different countries; or on praxis, e.g. the inclusion of strategies for cancer survivors in national cancer plans, or on the use of physiotherapy as a support to treatments. Access to precise and early diagnostics was mentioned as a critical step for opening up cancer care for new patient groups. In most cases, early diagnosis will imply less costly treatments with better results. Investments in early diagnosis is by no means only an investment in medical technologies, but need also to include investments in health literacy to be successful.

All conclusions are summarized in the Post-Conference Report, launched November 14th.