Summit 2018 Care for Cancer: Plenum Programme Highlights


The programme for Uppsala Health Summit 2018 on the theme Care for Cancer is coming together. Meet Greg Simon, President of the Biden Cancer Initiative, Dr. Thomas B. Cueni, the DG of the International Federation of Pharmaceuticals Associations, WHO’s Assistant Director General for Drug Access, Vaccines and Pharmaceuticals Dr. Mariângela Simão and many other thought leaders on cancer care. 

Here is a short introduction of some of our plenary speakers along with a brief account of the topics they will address.  

The programme for the CARE FOR CANCER summit will begin by acquainting the audience with the epidemiological reality of cancer globally. Professor Max Parkin Nuffield Dept. of Population Health, Oxford University and Coordinator of the African Cancer Registry Network, will present the most recent global epidemiological trends. Professsor Parkin's work with the WHO International Agency for Research on Cancer and its Globocan Project, has been instrumental for our understanding of cancer as a global public health concern. 

Dr. Susan Galbraith is the Head of Oncology in AstraZeneca’s Innovative Medicines and Early Development (IMED) Biotech Unit and responsible for the discovery and early development of small molecule oncology medicines. Dr. Galbraith will give a pharmaceutical industry perspective on the trajectory forward for research and innovation.

Gregory C. Simon J.D. President of the Biden Cancer Initiative and formally Executive Director of President Obama´s White House Cancer Moonshot Task Force will share a visionary outlook on the opportunities associated with research and innovation. The Biden Cancer Initiative was established as a way to continue the progress of the Moonshot task force to accelerate progress in cancer prevention, detection, diagnosis and care, and to reduce disparities in cancer outcomes. Mr. Simon is himself a cancer survivor. 

In the next session, WHO’s Assistant Director General for Drug Access, Vaccines and Pharmaceuticals Dr. Mariângela Simão, Professor Arnie Purushotham, King's College London and Tata Trust, Mumbai, and  Dr. Thomas B. Cueni, Director General, International Federation of Pharmaceuticals and Associations (IFPMA) will discuss access to treatments on a global level, and let us in on the current thinking around solutions to the unequal access to diagnostics and treatments globally. 

With smoking being responsible for 30 per cent of all cancer deaths and growing disparities in health outcomes, who is responsible for taking action: the government or the individual? In the third session; on lifestyle and its impact on public health, Professor Mike Kelly, from the Institute of Public Health, University of Cambridge and Dr. Douglas Bettcher, Director, Prevention of Noncommunicable Diseases, WHO, will discuss hard policy tools such as smoking bans versus soft strategies aiming to change the individual's behaviours and life-style, to reduce the incidence of cancer. 

In addition to the programme in plenary, there are 8 workshops, focused on bringing us closer to solutions on selected focused issues, that delegates can choose from, four in parallel each day. Read about the workshops and view the full provisional programme.

Stay tuned for more updates!