The 2017 Pre-Conference Report Released!


Uppsala Health Summit’s yearly Pre-Conference Report, the platform for all discussions at the Summit is now available. In the report, Uppsala Health Summit presents the background to emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases and what society must do to manage these threats.

The purpose of the report is to enable all delegates, regardless of their area of expertise and background, to share a common picture of the challenges to society, to enable them to engage in a solution oriented dialogue during the Summit.

This year’s report introduces the reasons why a One Health approach is crucial for sustainable managment of infectious disease threats, and gives a broad and updated overview of opportunities for prevention, detection and response to infectious outbreaks.

This overview is followed by focussed presentations and discussions of sub-topics, such as the need for minimize risk behaviours in livestock handling and its gender perspectives; how to include local communities and their traditional knowledge in prevention and response; priorities for research policies and the need for infrastructures securing safe introduction of medicines and vaccines in the midst of outbreaks.

The report also covers the need for modern diagnostic tools, adapted to use in places and situations with limited technical infrastructures, where needs often are greatest. Other technology opportunities and constraints for their implementation covered are the use of big data for disease surveillance and the implementation of new generation of sequencing tools for fast and secure detection of food borne infectious diseases.

– By meeting and exchanging experiences under a One Health umbrella, we hope to find a common agenda for early detection, fast and reliable diagnostics and a financially sustainable strategy to meet the threats at an early stage, says Marianne Elvander, professor and former state epizootiologist at the National Veterinary Institute of Sweden, and chair of Uppsala Health Summit’s programme committee for 2017.

The Pre-Conference report is sent out to confirmed delegates at Uppsala Health Summit, and is available for download at Uppsala Health Summit’s website.

Conclusions and suggestions from the dialogue at Uppsala Health Summit will be summarized in a new report, due early January.

Previous Summit Reports are available among Uppsala Health Summit's Publications.