Build New Relations at Uppsala Health Summit!


At Uppsala Health Summit, one of our goals is to create opportunities for collaboration between delegates around innovations, research and ideas that are generated in the summit dialogues.

This year, we therefore offer speed-dating during the coffee breaks. There are two formats to choose from. Pre-booked one-on-one meetings and spontaneous meetings around hosted theme tables.

The seating plans, the social activities and the interactive workshops are all part of our ambition to support networking. The coffee breaks will be even more productive with the two new speed-dating features.

All delegates registered for the summit will receive an invitation shortly with a call to sign up for one-on-one meetings. This allows the delegates to “advertise” in advance the areas where they look for collaboration, need advice or simply want to discuss. Delegates then identify fellow delegates they would like to personally meet.

As the number of meeting slots available are limited, we also invite delegates to meet and talk around the “theme tables” which will welcome delegates eager to discuss advertised topics during the coffee breaks. A table host will welcome the coffee guests, and kick-start a discussion, that may end up anywhere.

– We know from previous summits that the expectations on connecting with other delegates are usually high, says Madeleine Neil, Uppsala Health Summit’s project manager. Many participants meet and initiate collaborations during the workshop discussions, Ms Neil adds.

– But we also know from previous Summits that delegates are keen on more relationship building opportunities, which is very positive.

And of course, there is always room for both small talk and deep thoughts at the Summit reception and dinner!