High interest in Uppsala Health Summit’s program on “Tackling Infectious Diseases with a One Health Approach”


The plenum programme for Uppsala Health Summit is complete, and the interest to participate in the dialogue is very high this year. There are still seats available, and there is still opportunity to nominate persons who should be invited to drive the dialogue forward.

The plenum program will cover four main areas, and serve as a background for the solution oriented discussion in the workshops.

Which are the drivers?

The session Emerging Infectious Disease Threat, their Global Drivers and One Health will provide us with the necessary understanding of the intrinsic interdependencies between human, animal and environmental health. Guided by Dr. Peter Daszak from the Eco Health Alliance, Professor Marina Lapinski from the Department of Communication at Michigan State University and Professor Björn Olsen of infectious medicne at Uppsala University and a keen ornithologist, we will be able to identify threats as well as ways forward.

Experiences from the field

Good examples often include both successes and failures, and are important to learn from. Experiences of policy implementation will be provided from different angles, including anthropological lessons learnt during the Ebola epidemic presented by Professor Paul Richards, and the experiences from the development of the Ebola vaccine, presented by Dr. Beth-Anne Griswold Coller, Executive Director, Global Clinical Development, Merck and Company, Inc. In this session, we will also learn from veterinary medicine experiences from controlling zoonotic diseases in East Africa and the Netherlands.

Governance - a constant challenge

A challenge often mentioned in implementing a One Health perspective is governance, as One Health is multidisciplinary by nature. The aspects of governance in different national or international contexts will be in focus for a session gathering WHO’s Dr. Pierre Formenty, Team Lead in Vulnerable Settings Unit at the Infectious Hazard Management Department; Dr. Johanna Takkinen, Head of food- and Waterborne Diseases and Zoonoses Programme at ECDC, Dr. Timothy Bouley, Global Health and Environmental Specialist at the World Bank and Dr. Bassirou Bonfoh, Director at ASPIRE-ONE Afrique Consortium.

Ways forward

For our final plenum session, we have look forward with the help of Dr. Charlie Weller, Head of Wellcome Trust’s vaccine programme; Dr. Hannah Akuffo, Senior Researcher Advisor and Programme Manager, Swedish International Development Agency, SIDA and Dr. Jim Gallarda, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s senior program officer for diagnostics.

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