New EU Plan on AMR Adopts a One Health Approach


A new European action plan on antimicrobial resistance implementing a One Health approach was announced late June. The plan thus addresses the threats related to human, animal and environmental health.

This new action plan focuses on supporting member countries in improving national policies against AMR, and in implementing these. But, as AMR is a global threat to health, the plan also underlines the need for further international cooperation, including implementation on policies for prudent use of anti-microbials and research and development of new diagnostics and treatments.

This new action plan specifically addresses the need to boost research, development and innovations to identify new solutions for tackling resistance and infections.

- In 2015, Uppsala Health Summit gathered decision makers and experts to discuss the urgency in handling the threats from antibiotic resistance. The conclusions from that dialogue underlined the complexity in bringing new antibiotics and new diagnostics to the market, and urged for public sector initiatives and new economic models, Madeleine Neil, Uppsala Health Summit’s project manager says. It is truly positive to see that this plan includes new economic models in the list over prioritized development projects, she adds.

Innovation in surveillance is listed as a prioritized development area, a subject in focus at the upcoming Uppsala Health Summit, notably in the workshop “Innovation and Big Data in Health Surveillance” prepared by Dr. Fernanda Dórea at the National Veterinary Institute.

ECDC director Dr. Andrea Ammon welcomed the plan in a press release of 29 June, underlining that anti-microbial resistance is an issue of utmost urgency. “It’s not too late to turn the tide on antimicrobial resistance, but we need to make sure that we act now”, she said.

A European One Health Action Plan against Antimicrobial Resistance