Uppsala Health Summit 10 – 11 October 2017: Tackle Infectious Disease Threats. – Will you be there?


Some 75 % of all new infectious disease outbreaks in the world are zoonotic, i.e. they transfer between animals and humans. Alarming reports on outbreaks of Zika, Ebola or Avian Flu serves as reminders the gravity of the situation. New epidemics will always develop, but we can limit their consequences if we understand the drivers and build sustainable strategies.

The drivers behind these health threats are multiple, and the close links between animal, human and environmental health are recognized, often referred to as the One Health perspective. But how to take our knowledge into prioritized actions? Against this background, we summon delegates from all over the world to Uppsala Health Summit 2017.

10 – 11 October, decision-makers and experts from policy, industry, academia and civil society, will meet at Uppsala Castle to discuss how to tackle the global threats from infectious diseases.

At Uppsala Health Summit 2017, we will discuss focus on priorities for preventing, detecting and responding to infectious disease threats, using a One Health approach. Workshops will cover different challenges in implementing One Health in reality, such as how to incentivize farmers to vaccinate their cattle to protect humans, how to develop local response capacities to prepare for outbreaks, and how to weigh the need for safety against the need for urgent actions when the world cries for new vaccines.

The program in plenum will inspire and comment the solution oriented discussions in the workshops. We are happy to announce a broad line-up of keynote speakers covering the different aspects of One Health, active in policy-making, research, industry etc…

At Uppsala Health Summit, delegates will get a unique opportunity to discuss ‘how?’ and ‘who?’, and to initiate collaborations between each other. Conclusions from the workshops will be summarized after the Summit and distributed to stakeholders that can initiate or influence actions.

If you already have received your invitation, it is time to sign up your interest to participate.

If not, but you would like to be part of and influence the dialogue with your ideas and experiences, we strongly suggest that you send your contact details to info@uppsalahealthsummit.se or nominate your candidate here.