Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The following set of frequently asked questions will answer the basic enquiries about Uppsala Health Summit and its organization. Should you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

What is Uppsala Health Summit? Uppsala Health Summit is an international arena where experts, opinion leaders and decision-makers share insights into current healthcare dilemmas.

Where will the Summit take place? The meeting this year is hosted at Uppsala Slott, which is a 16th century royal castle in the historic district of Uppsala that offers a spectacular view of the city.

What are the goals of Uppsala Health Summit? The goal of the summit is to provide a forum for an open and frank dialogue on problems and solutions in adopting new knowledge and innovations to improve health and healthcare in the world.

Is Uppsala Health Summit open to the public and media? Uppsala Health Summit is a by invitation only event. We can only host about 200 participants. Media is welcome to attend our plenum sessions, and we are happy to assist media in setting up interviews with keynote speakers and other participants. Discussions in workshops, however, are closed in order to create a climate for a frank and open dialogue. Reports from the workshops will include what was said, but be non-attributable.

Will Uppsala Health Summit publish any reports or manifestos? We will publish a pre-conference  report, preparing participants and others for the issues we will discuss at Uppsala Health Summit, notably during the workshops. Discussions during workshops will be summarized in a post-conference report.

When was Uppsala Health Summit founded? The idea to set up the first Health Summit in Scandinavia was hatched in 2010 by Världsklass Uppsala. The first Uppsala Health Summit, "'Healthcare for Healthy Ageing', took place in June 2014. Reports from all Summits are available under 'Publications'.

Who organizes Uppsala Health Summit? A number of Swedish stakeholders in healthcare and life science have formed a partnership to organize Uppsala Health Summit. You can read more about each of these co-partners here. Uppsala University hosts Uppsala Health Summit.

Who finances Uppsala Health Summit? Funding of the meeting comes from the partners, the sponsors and supporters as well as the participants' fees. The summit is run as a non-profit organization.

Who attends Uppsala Health Summit? Participation in Uppsala Health Summit is be invitation only. The organizers welcome participants with different backgrounds and strive for an interdisciplinary summit with decision makers, opinion leaders and experts from health policy, healthcare, private sector, academia and civil society.

How do I get an invitation for Uppsala Health Summit? Uppsala Health Summit is a by invitation only event, that can host only up to 200 persons. If you have yet not received an invitation, but have a distinct role forming the future healthcare sector, as decision maker, opinion leader or expert from private sector, academia, public sector or civil society, we are happy to consider you for our list of invitees. Please contact, or sign up for our Newsletter

How can I contribute to the program? Uppsala Health Summit focuses on one issue of importance for health and healthcare globally every year. The topic is selected based on discussions with leading experts from academia, industry, healthcare and policymakers in our advisory board and in our sponsor board.