About Uppsala Health Summit

At Uppsala Health Summit we believe that when leaders from academia, industry, governments and civil society gather to discuss practical solutions, we take a step closer towards better health outcomes, globally.

Different perspectives

Countries all over the world face an increasing burden of ill-health. Meanwhile, research and innovation continue to open up for new possibilities. Uppsala Health Summit brings together diverse voices and perspectives to unlock implementation challenges and help improve the utilization of medical advancements globally, also where resources are scarce.

At Uppsala Health Summit we lay the foundation for long-term relationships and insights that can help you in your work to improve health outcomes in your part of the world. Our summits are by invitation only and the number of participants small. We believe that keeping the summits to a manageable size will foster productive dialogue.

Participants come from policy, industry, academia, civil society and, of course, from healthcare. What they share is a deep interest in improving health and healthcare, as well as a capacity to influence the development in direct or indirect ways.

Plenary sessions are open to the media. Workshops, however, are held in a closed format. Results from workshops will be reported, but participants in the workshop are not cited.

Uppsala Health Summit is partnered and sponsored by representatives from industry, university and healthcare with long experience in healthcare development.

Last modified: 2021-09-21