Uppsala Health Summit

Tackling Infectious Disease Threats

Prevent, detect, respond with a One Health approach
10 – 11 October 2017, Uppsala Castle

Plenum 2017

Building a shared platform

Uppsala Health Summit 2017 gathered delegates from a broad variety of discplines and sectors with one strong common interest - a world better prepared to meet the threats of infectious diseases.

The goal of the summit was to contribute to a common "One Health" platform, from which better to prevent, detect and respond to outbreaks. Around 180 select leaders and experts from governments, NGO's, industry and academics from different discplines and over 40 countries participated in workshops and plenary sessions. Key challenges and ways forward were identified and discussed in areas as diverse as community participation, diagnostics, surveillance, drug safety, livestock management, food safety and research priorities.


Keynote Presentations 2017

  • Professor Björn Olsen, Uppsala University

  • Professor Maria Lapinski, Michigan State University

  • Professor Eric Fevre, ILRI, University of Liverpool

  • Ulrika Modéer, Secretary of State, Gov. of Sweden

  • Professor Hannah Akuffo, Senior Advisor, SIDA

  • Johanna Takkinen, DVM, Head of Food- and Waterborne Diseases Programme, ECDC

  • Professor Paul Richards, Njala University, University of Wageningen

  • Dr. Pierre Formenty. DVM, Team Lead WHO

  • Dr. Timothy Bouley, Climate and Health Team Lead, World Bank

  • Bassirou Bonfoh, Director, CSRS Afrique-One

  • Charlie Weller, Head of the Vaccine Programme at the Wellcome Trust

  • Dr Jim Gallarda, Senior Program Officer, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Interview with Uppsala Health Summit's sponsor GE Healthcare

GE Healthcare is a major sponsor of  Uppsala Health Summit 2017. In this article from our Pre-Conference Report, Customer Applications Director, Dr. Mats Lundgren discusses the need for bio-pharmaceutical manufacturing to respond to threats from infectious diseases.