Welcome, Forte and Uppsala Monitoring Centre! New Partners to Uppsala Health Summit


We are happy to welcome two new partners to Uppsala Health Summit – Uppsala Monitoring Centre and the research council Forte.

Forte is one of Sweden’s research councils, with a special focus on financing research on health, working life and welfare. Forte has a strong interest in implementing research results in society, thus contributing to a healthy and equitable society.

Uppsala Monitoring Centre has world leading expertise within safer use of medicines for patients everywhere, also known as pharmacovigilance. To many, the Centre is known as one of four WHO Collaborating Centres for International Drug Monitoring. UMC collects and analyses reports on adverse effects from drugs in a global pharmacovigilance database, VigiBase, which the Centre has developed since 1978. As per September 2016, over 14 million reports of suspected adverse effects had been reported into VigiBase, where the data is recorded and structured for analysis. Today, over 110 countries report their data to VigiBase, and can thus also retrieve information from the system for better patient safety.