Uppsala Health Summit - the Meeting

Uppsala Health Summit is an international arena, where delegates participate in solution-oriented dialogues in workshops, inspired by keynote presentations and debates in plenary sessions. Delegates will come from different sectors and countries, bringing key competencies to the tables, which creates great possibilities to engage in enriching conversations and establish useful new relations.

Photo: Danish Saaroe

Uppsala Health Summit goal is to bring together different perspectives to address already identified challenges and dilemmas in order to improve utilization of advancements in science and innovations for better health globally.

One month prior to the Summit, all delegates will receive the Pre-Conference Report. A document summarising the state-of-the-art of the topics that the workshops will elaborate on.

About 200 delegates will attend the Summit at Uppsala Castle. Delegates are personally invited, to ensure a broad multi-sectorial and international group, well acquainted with challenges and obstacles met when implementing ideas for solutions. The Summit gathers representatives from academic research, industry, civil society, politics, healthcare and public sector.

Uppsala Health Summit is run as a collaborative effort between Swedish public and not-for-profit partners, well anchored in national and international health and healthcare challenges. The collaboration is led by Uppsala University.

A successful Summit is a meeting where not only new solutions have been drafted, but where also new alliances and collaborations have been formed.

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