Uppsala Health Summit

Uppsala Health Summit governance

Uppsala Health Summit is a collaborative effort, initiated by a partnership of actors who see the potential for improving healthcare and health outcomes in a global perspective, and who believe in the power of open dialogue to address some of today’s challenges to health and healthcare.

Organised by: Uppsala Health Summit is organized by Uppsala University

Founded by: Uppsala University, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), Uppsala County Council, City of Uppsala and the network Worldclass Uppsala.

Partners: Swedish Medical Products Agency, National Veterinary Institute, National Food Agency, Uppsala Monitoring Centre, the Swedish Research Council for Health, Working Life and Welfare.

Steering committee

  • Chairman: Professor Anders Malmberg, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Uppsala University
  • Catarina Andersson Forsman, Director General, Medical Products Agency
  • Joachim Danielsson, CEO, City of Uppsala
  • Erik Fahlbeck, Pro Vice-Chancellor, Swedish University for Agricultural Sciences (SLU)
  • Dr Marie Lindquist, CEO, Uppsala Monitoring Centre
  • Dr Jens Mattsson, Director General, National Veterinary Institute (SVA)
  • Annica Sohlström, Director General, National Food Agency
  • Christer Svensson, Chairman World Class Uppsala Network
  • Börje Wennberg, Chairman, Uppsala County Council Executive Committee
  • Dr Lars Wärngård, Senior Advisor, the Swedish Research Council for Health, Working Life and Welfare

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board serves in an advisory capacity to the steering committee and project management, to ensure that an international perspective is maintained. The Advisory Board complements the expertise of the Steering Committee and extends the contact network for Uppsala Health Summit.

  • Chairman: Dr. Anders Milton
  • Dr. Gilles Forte, Director Essential Medicines, World Health Organisation
  • Dr. Bernadette Klapper, Director of Health, Robert Bosch Foundation
  • Prof. Florence Haseltine, Founder Society for Women's Health Research; Former Director NIH Center for Population Research
  • Sireesha Perabathina, Associate Director Access Health International, India
  • Joy Phumaphi, Executive Secretary ALMA, former minister of health Botswana
  • Dr Ingrid Wünning Tschol, Senior Vice President, Strategy, Robert Bosch Foundation Think Tank

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